Monday, January 12, 2009

Brr cold freezing!

Brrrr! It's a chilly one out there. Highs for the next few days are supposed to be right around 0 degrees, lows down to -20, with snow and wind. So no work for Louie over the next few days- he and I will both be hibernating and trying to stay warm. Today I stopped at the barn on the way home from work to put another blanket on him. When I got there all of the horses were standing by the gait hoping to come into their stalls and out of the wind and snow. They're a bunch of big babies, but can you blame them? I was shivering too! So Louie got another heavy winter blanket stacked on top of his Big D- poor horse has about 30 pounds of blankets on him- but that's what happens when it gets cold and you don't have a good winter coat. Hopefully a) the blankets don't rub him too much, and b) he doesn't let his buddies destroy them out in the pasture! Even our other horse Cash, who grows such a huge thick black winter coat it is hard to tell his head from his butt, got a blankie put on tonight. Snuggle up boys, it's gonna be a cold few days!

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